Legal Help

Legal Help provides a wide range of professional legal advisory services in association with legal associates of Canada. You can avail unmatched support with comprehensive legal consultation services for the issues related to a broad range of legal matters – including but not restricted to the following:

  • Passport Revocations, Refusals or Applications
  • Permanent residence applications, revocations or Refusals
  • Citizenship refusals, revocations, applications
  • Inadmissibility – Medical, Criminal or Other types
  • Delays and Refusal of Immigrations
  • Immigration Appeals
  • Suspension of Records and Criminal Pardons
  • Claiming Refugee Protection
  • Humanitarian Cases
  • Removal Orders, Detention and Deportations
  • Corporate Immigration Compliance
  • Authorization to Return to Canada

You can approach to us anytime if you require legal services in any matter related to your application, visa approvals, immigration concerns or any other issue that comes under the above areas.

Passport Applications Revocations or Refusals

Ikaigai helps, guides and provides assistance and representation in the appeal of applications refusals or revocations. The refusal of immigration applications can be due to a broad range of reasons including failure of the applicant to achieve the required number of points to problems associated with credibility. Ikaigai has the experience and expertise to deal with any of these possible cases.

Citizenship refusals, revocations, applications

Report any issues with your application to us, we will help you with proper guidance and support. We provide a wide range of Canada immigration and citizenship services. We will also help you with applications, revocations and refusals if any. Meet our experts, to know more about our services.

Legal Opinions and Consultations

If you have any concerns in any of the above areas and if you require legal help, we will guide you. Contact us directly for any legal help. Learn more about the services that we offer.

Inadmissibility – Medical, Criminal and Other Types

Many foreign nationals fail to comply with the conditions laid down by Canadian federal and immigration laws. Their inadmissibility to Canada can be owing to several factors – such as medical reasons, misrepresentation, criminal grounds or financial grounds.

Contact Ikaigai immigration if you have any questions related to criminal, medical or any other type of inadmissibility to Canada. To get proper guidance and advice contact us, we will help you accordingly.

Delays and Refusal of Immigration

It can be quite disheartening to know that your temporary or permanent resident visa application to Canada has been refused. You can still have recourse if the decision was wrong with regards to the facts and law. We will help you with proper guidance and assistance. If you have any concerns in this regard, you can talk to our experts, they will help you.

Immigration Appeals

Ikaigai helps you if you think that your case is eligible for Federal Court intervention. You can contact or reach to us directly if you believe that a Canadian Visa Officer has made a unwarranted or improper decision pertaining to your case. We will help you with Federal Court applications, Immigration refusal appeals, immigration appeals, appeals against immigration delays and refusals.

Legal Consultation and Opinion

Meet our legal consultants regarding any concerns or questions related to Canadian immigration. Ikaigai will help you, if you let us know your requirements or if you are interested in taking a written legal opinion or consultation.

Suspension of Records and Criminal Pardons

We will assist you with providing help in suspension of records and criminal pardons. This will ensure and help you to travel to other countries. If you have been convicted of a crime and applying to immigrate to Canada, then you must address your criminal inadmissibility to Canada. We advise you to contact us directly and communicate your concern and circumstances to us. We will look into the matter invite you and advise you accordingly.

Corporate Immigration Compliance

IRCC diligently scrutinizes foreign nationals to a significant extent especially if they come under temporary foreign worker program. Employers who hire such foreign workers must be in full compliance with federal requirements.

Ikaigai provides you professional legal services pertaining to the Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program. This will help you to remain in full compliance with Canadian Corporate immigration. You can contact us directly if you need any help or want to know how Ikaigai can help you.

Authorization to Return to Canada

Ikaigai has expertise in submitting application regarding Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC). You may need to submit an application to re-enter Canada, if you were asked to leave Canada. ARC is mandatory for you to return to Canada. It depends on the type of removal order you received.

Claiming Refugee Protection

There are several steps to Canada’s refugee application process. The decision to entertain a refugee claim is with the Canada immigration Officer. The case of eligible candidates is transferred to Immigration Refugee Board (IRB). Ikaigai helps you with the refugee protection claim if you are a genuine refugee and deserve protection in Canada. We will assist you with the completion of Personal Information Form (PIF) and submission. If the IRB refuses your claim, you can still apply for judicial review from the Federal Court of Canada. Failure in Federal Court, the removal from Canada becomes probable. You can still ask for Pre-Removal Risk Assessment (PRRA).