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A Hernia occurs when fatty tissue or an organ pushes through a weak place in the surrounding connective tissue or muscle wall.

Hernias tend to get bigger. Therefore, surgery is the gold standard treatment for hernia. Hernia surgery is of three types: open hernia repair, laparoscopic hernia repair and robotic hernia repair.

Remember – not all hernias need surgery – it all depends on the symptoms, severity and size of the hernia. If hernia is small and asymptomatic, it may not require any treatment at all. In general. hernia usually don’t get better on their own.

hernia surgery in Hyderabad

Hernia surgery how is it done

Doctors recommend surgery when there is a risk of a hernia getting bigger and becoming life-threatening. Which type of surgery a patient will need often depends on the location, size, and type of hernia. The surgical gastroenterologist will also consider the age, health, and lifestyle of the patient before considering the type of surgery. Hernia surgery is performed in two ways:

  1. Open Hernia Repair Surgery

A surgical gastroenterologist who specializes in hernia repair makes a cut (incision) in the groin. The doctor identifies a hernia sac that contains a bulging intestine. The surgeon places the bulged and protruding part back into the abdomen. Next, the doctor uses synthetic mesh or stitches to strengthen the abdominal wall. A majority of the patients feel better after a few hours of surgery and can go home within a day or two. However, their gastro surgeon instructs them to restrict strenuous physical activities for up to five to six weeks.

Hernia Surgery Cost in Hyderabad

Open hernia surgery cost in Hyderabad may range anywhere from Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 75,000. However, the price may depend on many factors including the age of the patient, the hernia surgeon’s experience and expertise, and the type of procedure.

  1. Hernia Laparoscopic Surgery in Hyderabad

A laparoscopic surgeon makes small incisions (cuts) near the hernia. The abdomen is inflated with a harmless gas. The surgeon inserts a laparoscope (a narrow tube with a camera at the end). The hernia is repaired using tube-like instruments by using the images as a guide from the laparoscope. A high-resolution camera and laparoscope give a better internal view of internal organs. General anesthesia is given to the patient. When compared to open surgery, patients usually recover faster with laparoscopic surgery.

Hernia Laparoscopic surgery cost in Hyderabad

Hernia surgery how much does it cost? The cost of hernia surgery in Hyderabad depends on the type of surgery planned, the health status of the patient, the age of the patient, the doctor’s fee, admission fee, the risk of post-surgical health concerns, area of the body and type of hernia, the facilities available in the hospital, type of hospital. The minimum laparoscopic surgery cost in Hyderabad for hernia repair starts from Rs. 40,000 and the average price is around Rs. 80,000 – Rs. 90,000 and the maximum can go up to Rs. 1, 50,000.

Hernia surgery Hiatal

People who don’t get any relief from antiacid medication and acid reflux treatment are candidates for hiatal hernia surgery. And also, for those who have severe narrowing of the esophagus or inflammation with other complications – surgery may be recommended.

For the treatment of hiatal hernia, the best hiatal hernia surgeon in Hyderabad performs hiatal hernia repair surgery. The surgical gastroenterologist pulls the part of the stomach down into the abdomen. The surgeon makes the opening of the diaphragm smaller by reconstructing the oesophageal sphincter. In a thoracotomy, a single incision is made in the chest wall to repair the defect. Hiatal hernia surgery can also be done laparoscopically.

Inguinal or Groin Hernia Surgery

Inguinal hernia surgery in Hyderabad: This type of hernia is very common. In many cases, it looks like a lump or swelling in the groin area or sometimes, appears like an enlarged scrotum. The swelling can become very painful. The swelling or lump becomes prominent when a person tries to put pressure or lifts some weight. The swelling or lump disappears as the person takes a rest or lies down. Inguinal hernia is very common in men.

Groin Hernia Surgery in Hyderabad

Any best hernia surgeon in Hyderabad who has expertise in repairing hernia uses robust and latest procedures. Whichever procedure or technique the surgeon uses is the one that best suits your needs. Be comfortable and ask your surgeon for the procedure that is best suitable for you. When compared to tension repair mesh repair success rate is high as there is a lower incidence of recurrence. Mesh is of different types including expanding, three-dimensional, plugs, patches, self-absorbing, and self-gripping that requires no sutures to keep it in place.

Hernia surgery healing time

Hernia surgery – how long does it take to recover?

The complete or full recovery after hernia surgery is around 5 to 6 weeks. A majority of people return to work and light activities after 2 weeks.

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